England Scotland and Europe – 2013

Well, we’re back in harness after seven weeks holiday in England, Scotland and Europe – with a rest break in Singapore and Bali.  This instalment is only intended to be an interim account of our travels and in ensuing articles I will now be able to add some ‘touch and feel’.  While I never planned to do any serious research – time simply did not permit that – the question is now how to get the cash together for a longer and more targeted trip.  Another reason for the brevity of this account Continue reading

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Family History Research Update

After a promising 2012 start to my fledgling blogger career, 2013 has proved quite unproductive!  Indeed my family history research activity has been sporadic and quite haphazard.  Sadly, I have not been able to attend at the NT Genealogical Society either to do my own research or volunteer work on the Pioneer Index.  However two weekends ago, I did attend a NTGS seminar presented by Susie Zada who as usual, imparts a great degree of knowledge and enthusiasm.  I put this down to being quite busy with having to earn a quid but also I do not discount the impact of the AFL season and innumerable hours of available television viewing! Continue reading

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The “Aha” Moment in Family Research – Solly and Flavel in my Muir-Buirchell Tree

The little I knew about my South Australian forebears was that my great grandmother was “… a Solly raised as a Flavel.”  Over recent years, I have been reasonably successful in documenting the Solly Family dating from the 1840 arrival of Henry Solly and Ann Colyer, and their seven children, in the Colony of South Australia from Kent, England, aboard the Royal Admiral.  One child had perished on the voyage and two more were subsequently born in South Australia (see Thomas Solly – Explorer, Mounted Policeman and Publican, November 2012). Continue reading

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2012 Family History Research in Review

As previously reported, I have two Blog publications underway: There’s a pub in my family: The Solly and Head Families in the South Australian Hotel Trade from my Muir-Buirchell Tree and A horse named Kojonup from my Jones-Sexton Tree.  Neither is ready for publication so I thought a general review of the year would be best as my final Blog entry for 2012.

Speaking of Blogs – launching this Blog has been an educative task to say the least.  My inspiration is Jess; the author of the Blog Finding Family,  who is a beautiful writer and with whom I share a connection in my Muir-Buirchell Tree.  The nature of that connection is not finally determined except that there is a common mystery to be solved, hopefully, in the coming months. Continue reading

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Thomas Solly – Explorer, Mounted policeman and Publican

November is almost over and the World War I Blog publication I have been working on – A Horse named ‘Kojonup’ … – is not yet complete. The following tale comes from my Muir-Buirchell Family Tree and is actually an extract from a wider project I am working on called There is a pub in my family: The Head and Solly Families in the South Australian Hotel Trade.

Growing up, all I knew of the Solly name was that my great grandmother Edith Margaret (married to Duncan Muir) was “a Solly raised as a Flavell”. Her mother – Ellen Head, married to John Solly, – died in 1882 aged 44 years when Edith was just 5 years old and she was evidently raised by the Flavell family: yet another research project.

Henry Solly was born near Canterbury in Kent, England, in 1800 and in 1827 marries Ann Colyer in Hackington, Kent. Henry and Ann and their eight children depart London aboard the Royal Admiral on 7 August 1840 arriving at Port Adelaide 13 December 1840. In 1846 Henry was the proprietor of 40 acres near Adelaide but by 1854 he was established in Leasingham, Clare Valley, as a farmer and public works contractor.

Thomas Solly was the youngest son of Henry and Ann and in 1842 was their first child to be born in South Australia. As a young man in 1866, he accompanied the South Australian Police Commissioner on an expedition around the north shore of Lake Eyre. The Police Commissioner was Major Peter Edgerton-Warburton formerly an Assistant Adjutant-General in the Indian Army and brother of George Edgerton-Warburton of Western Australia fame. Continue reading

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The ‘Young Thief’ was my Second Great Grandmother

The ‘Young Thief’ was my Second Great Grandmother

I came across this article entirely by accident when using the National Library of Australia’s Trove to search the digitised newspapers for something different entirely.

The Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News, 5 Aug 1859

The Perth Gazette and Independent Journal of Politics and News, 5 Aug 1859

Continue reading

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Is this marriage legal?


Headstone for Frances Bridget (Carroll) Goldup (1882-1904), General Cemetery, Cooktown, Qld

Recently, a team from the Genealogical Society of the NT gave a series of presentations during Seniors Month in effort to promote an interest in family history research. My session was entitled Is this marriage legal: Learning about social history through family history research.

The subject interest stems from two relationship events in my Jones-Sexton Tree – one on England, the other in Australia – that I learned were subject to different legal perspectives. At the time, I wrote an article Two sisters one husband: Or two wives one mother-in-law

that I may in the future re-edit for publication on this Blog. Continue reading

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